Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Picture Of My Dress

Alright...here's the dress I got for the wedding this Saturday. I love it! I'm going shoe and clutch shopping for it tomorrow... I can't wait.

It's from Cache and you can look at it online here if you'd like. :)

Ignore the shoes in this shot, they were just for picture purposes.


Biba said... [Reply]

Wow! The dress is gorgeous!

gnoma said... [Reply]

Wonderful dress! But SMILE! ;D

Nail Polish Anon said... [Reply]

It looks gorgeous on you, great colour!

The Nail Polish M.D. said... [Reply]

Lovely dress, you look great!

Fashion Footing said... [Reply]

Beautiful color on you! Fabtastic!

Alexa (lextard) said... [Reply]

@gnoma I smile plenty, don't worry! I was just focusing on getting the dress in the pic the right way lol.

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