Saturday, September 24, 2011

MAC - Immortal Gold

Hi guys! I have just a quick post for you all today - a swatch and comparison of the latest MAC nail polish from the "Posh Paradise" collection called Immortal Gold. I also compared it to Chanel - Peridot as I've heard a couple people at work saying it was similar and honestly, that's the first thing that popped into my head when I saw it as well.

MAC - Immortal Gold
2 coats, no top coat

I really do love this. I've found the quality of MAC polish has changed in the past year or two... I had it on for 4 days before I ended up having to take it off because I ripped my nail really low and had to patch it. I then trimmed them all down because I can't function at work with really long nails (that's how I ripped it in the first place).

Here's my comparison of it with Peridot.
Left to right - Immortal Gold, Peridot, Immortal Gold, Peridot

As you can see, they're similar but not identical. Immortal Gold is just more of a very green gold without the duochrome flash that Peridot has. Peridot has also more of a foil-y finish than Immortal Gold does.


Fashion Footing said... [Reply]

Lovely colors!

Alexisaurus said... [Reply]

This color is absolutely gorgeous!! I need it!


KJ Callaway said... [Reply]

always look forward to your posts Mzzz Lex! your application is so good I am jealous.


Carina Joana said... [Reply]

Its amazing *.*

Katie said... [Reply]

Hope to see a new blog post from you soon! Miss your swatches!

Kia - Nailsncupcakes said... [Reply]

Love it! I'm so getting this and rain of flowers, did you get that one too?

Anonymous said... [Reply]

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